Beyond Translation Ep 2

This is my notes from Mizz Nina’s interview with ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, for her TV program, Beyond Translation.

the first thing we should develop with the quran is appreciation. to learn the arabic alphabet, learn tajwid, learn how to read it, even to read the translation might be frustating for some beginners. but by building appreciation for the quran from the start, insha Allah we’ll always have the motivation to keep going.

how to put what we read from the quran into action? not every quran verses can be put into action, but we can always put it into du’a. make du’a every time you read it. for example if you read about someone who had gone astray (e.g. Pharaoh), make du’a that Allah won’t make you like him. when you read about righteous people, make du’a that Allah will always guide you to follow their path.

taking the quran into our lives is not only about halal haram, what to do and what not. it’s only a small portion of our interaction with the quran. there are more things that we can benefit from it. the quran is full of inspirations, loving messages, lessons, etc that we can take and put into our lives.

yes indeed, the quran is the proof that Allah cares, the proof that Allah loves us.

because He is Ar-Rahman. The Most Merciful, Extremely Merciful, Who taught the Quran (QS Ar-Rahman 1-2)


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