The Afterlife


After we die from here, we are going to go to another state of life and it’s gonna go on for generations. Some people, that life in the grave that they are going through, they have been going through for thousands of years. And they have been in there. That’s another phase of life. We don’t see it as death. We see it as another stop in the journey of life. So when you compare all these stops in the journey of life, you will realize that this life, meaning from my birth to my worldly death is the shortest stop in this journey. The shortest span! And so when you realize that, you also realize this tiniest space, this tiniest lifetime that I have, the span that I have, this is the one that will determine all of my actions in the future.

My eternal life is based on these very few moments. So my time is no longer trivial. I have to make the best of it. I have to make the most of it. There is no such thing as free time for me now. What the afterlife does is, (it) gives me respect for my time. A sense of urgency to accomplish more and more good and to get away from more and more evil. It destroys laziness inside me. So if I find Muslim in the audience, if you find yourself being lazy and you have to ask whether or not your beliefs in the afterlife are concrete enough. Maybe you need more reminder about the afterlife because they necessarily give you a sense of urgency. And for those of you who think, “well, Judgement day, Paradise, Hellfire, it’s so far away”. What does Allah Himself say, “No doubt they see if far away – We see it near” (Al-Ma’arij 6-7).

*selalu suka cara NAK menjelaskan sesuatu^^


2 thoughts on “The Afterlife

  1. Waah kak hening..telak banget emang ya beliau kalau ngejelasin.
    *gak salah pilih nama anak* 😀

    Izin repost di blog wordpress sama tumblr ya kak, uda lama ga diposting apa2an soalnya xD

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