Getting married…

Getting married isn’t going to solve our inabilities to wake up for Fajr or get up for qiyam. We need to develop our own selves without expecting marriage to somehow magically change our lives. Marriage can be a great tool of self-improvement and can help us change for the best, with Allah’s will. Marriage is amongst the greatest blessings that Allah (swt) can bestow on a person; and the creation of a family, and taking care of that family, is amongst the greatest acts of worship. But if we are not personally working on ourselves now, how can we expect that it will be easier with the additional baggage of another individual who is also imperfect?
-Maryam Amirebrahimi


6 thoughts on “Getting married…

  1. Don’t wait for “Sheikh Muslim” to come and marry you and make you a better Muslim. Allah gave you another day to live…another chance to be better. Go out and make the best of it =) – Dear Little Aunty FB status

    *pengen nambahin, uda gitu aja 😀

  2. so true ning, don’t expect to be waken up by your husband, Alhamdulillaah if he can do that. but you should go for yourself first before waking up each other. it’s not always about qiyam or fajr, it’s for every ibadah we should done.

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