A journey to KL, 4-8 May 2008

Day 1: The Departure
As written before, i got the chance to go to the International Indonesian Students Conference on Strategic Issues that take place in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 5th-7th May 2008. So in 4th May i departed from Indonesia to KL by taking Lion Air flight from Soekarno-Hatta airport. Fortunately, i’m not alone in this journey. Together with Zainal C. Airlangga (FIB), M. Faisal Karim (FISIP), and M. Hilmi (FISIP), i left Jakarta at 9.30 in the morning. Actually we were not the only students from Indonesia, because we also met the IPB students who took the same flight. There were 13 students from IPB. Yes, 13. And from UI there were only 4 of us. Well, still, i should admit that in the matter of scientific activities, IPB students are likely have bigger interest to get participated.

Nothing special in the flight, except a strange feeling and a silly question came accross my mind, “are u sure to do this, ning? leaving indonesia and attending a conference whatsoever?”. Still, I hardly believe that i could go abroad and will give a speech in an international forum. Well, Andrea Hirata was right, that we cannot precede destiny by thinking negative and be pessimistic. We can do anything we want to do. And we can be anything we want to be.

Then we arrived in KL International Airport (KLIA) at about 12.30. KL time is an hour ahead of Jakarta. KLIA is awarded “World’s Best Airport in the 15-25 million passengers per annum category” for the last 3 years. The airport was so modern and clean. After leaving the plane, we should go to another part of the airport to take baggage. We got there by aerotrain, a kind of small train. After that we took a pray and continue the journey to International Islamic University Malaysia.

To get there, we took an airport bus, such Damri in Soekarno-Hatta. The bus then stopped at KL Sentral. It only cost 10 ringgit (1 ringgit is about 3000 rupiahs) and took about an hour to go from KLIA to KL Sentral. There also another transportation facilities that we can take, the KLIA express. But it is more expensive, it cost 35 ringgit but only need 28 minutes to go from KLIA to KL Sentral. From the KL Sentral we should take the LRT, a kind of train but there were no crew to drive it. It run automatically, stopped in every station for some seconds, and it was totally comfortable. We bought a ticket to Terminal Putra Gombak. It cost 2,5 ringgit. The ticketing checking system is already electronic. We put the ticket to a machine that have role as a gate, and then we could take the ticket back and enter the platform. The train itself only consist of 3 “gerbong”, but it arrived every 5 or 6 minutes to the station.

Inside the train, there were clean, comfortable and cold with AC, no smoking and no eating or drinking. I wonder when will Indonesia have a transportation system like this πŸ˜› The train moved from KL Sentral to Pasar Seni, Mesjid Jamek, and etc. We saw many high buildings, including the Petronas’ twin towers. It seemed that we passed the business area. And when we get closer to Terminal Putra, the view were changed into living area, which consist of many apartements and houses that standing orderly. KL didn’t have “angkot” like those we can saw in Indonesia. They only have monorail, LRT, taxi, and bus.

About 45 minutes later, we arrived at Terminal Putra Gombak, and the conference’s committee was already there to take us to the IIUM campus. I went to the girl’s dormitory while Zainal, Faisal, and Hilmi went to the boy’s dormitory. Because i haven’t take lunch, i went to the canteen and buy some food. The seller is Indonesian so he gave cheap price for the food. I took rice, chicken, and potatoes and it only cost 1 ringgit! Baek banget bapaknya πŸ™‚ After that i went to the internet rental (2 ringgit per hour) to send my PPL assignment *sigh* and look for a friend who was online. I went from the rental at 6.45 pm and surprisingly, it was not maghrib yet. I went to my room at the dorm. Every room at the dorm was divided into 4 parts, the smaller rooms but not separated by door. I stayed there with Dita, Mita, and Nutri, the girls from IPB. Fiuh.. time to take a rest..

Day 2: The Conference Opening

We walked to the main hall.

The conference was started at about 9 am in the main hall. There were many people come. We have a special guest from Indonesia, Mr. Hidayat Nur Wahid. There were also The IIUM rector and Mr. Tatang, atache education of Indonesian embassy in Malaysia. Afer the opening, there was a dialog with Mr. Hidayat about “Problematika Indonesia”. Well, once upon a time, Indonesia had been a role model for Malaysia. But now, we can see that Malaysia has more advance development and more prosperous. Mr Hidayat said that a successfull teacher are those who can make their students more successfull than them πŸ˜€ Maybe that’s what happened to Indonesia.

After that, the presentation started. My presentation schedule will be in the next day, May 6th. The first three presenter gave speech about economics. I didn’t really understand that.

After the presentation session finished, me and some friends went outside the campus to see another part of KL. We went by the rapid KL bus to Terminal Putra. We have to pay 1 ringgit right when we enter the bus. The driver then gave us a receipt that can be use as a 24 hours ticket. So when we took the bus again in the same day, we don’t need to pay, just show the receipt. From Terminal Putra, we took LRT to Pasar Seni, and went to the Petaling Street.

Day 3: Time to present..
Because one and another things, the conferece committee decided to tightened the schedule so the presentation were planned to be finished in this day. Ya, so we had presentation, and presentation, and presentation today. My turn was the 5th session that started at about 3 pm. It was the Education and Technology session, so the presentation was so colorful with many things from those subjects. There were 5 presenter: Bu Seli, a lecturer from Padang; Pak Supriyanto, Untirta lecturer who was studying in IIUM; Mbak Pipit, a double major undergrad student (she took Sastra Inggris and Pendidikan apa gitu); Pak … (i forgot the name) a lecturer and also postgraduate student of IIUM; Pak Deni from LIPI, and me.The moderator was Umar Adityawarman, MIT; a Ph.D student of IIUM. Well my presentation went well and i enjoyed it more than when i was present it at the mapres presentation in Fasilkom.

After that, there were one more presentation session. And after that session was over, we took photograph and felt happy because the conference was about to be closed πŸ˜€

The committee gave “plakat” for all university that take part in the conference.

Oh, and the recommendation from all the presentation will be given to the Indonesian government, that’s what they said.

Day 4: KL Pusing2
Time to see KL..
Places visited:
– KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center), around the twin towers. What to do: take pictures, take ticket for visiting the twin towers’ Skybridge

– UM (Universiti Malaya), Zainal supposed to meet the Asian Europe Institute rector but he hasn’t made an appointment

– back to the KLCC, visiting the skybridge
– Pasar Seni
– Titiwangsa
Note: objek wisata di Jakarta atau Indonesia sebenernya lebih banyak dan bagus2, cuma city marketing-nya kurang banget.

Day 5: Dari Malaysia untuk Kebangkitan Nasional
Finally, we have to leave Malaysia to go back to our country. Well, many things are seems better there. The modern transportation, the orderliness, the prosperity of the people, etc. But one thing we should remember, that our coming there is not for just admiring Malaysia and all of its advance development. We have to take the good things we saw there. And we should not forget that it is our obligation to develop Indonesia to be a better country.

We realized that we not only need to have vision about ourselves. But in that vision, we also have to include a part for Indonesia. Our journey is not ended here. We hope this journey can give us new spirit to be a better person, and make a better Indonesia..

10 thoughts on “A journey to KL, 4-8 May 2008

  1. subhanallah dah mbak yang satu ini… terus sebarkan semangat yg hening miliki ke ikhwan akhwat yg lain ning… biar pada ngiri… πŸ™‚ ane juga ngiri πŸ˜€

    ~udah jago lagi nulis inggrisnya

  2. Subhanallah,..
    Berikutnya ke thailand,…

    tetap semangat ning! Jangan lupa ilmunya dibagi-bagi… πŸ™‚

    ~ngiri juga nih…

  3. @kamal: itu banyak yg ngaco lho mal englishnya πŸ˜€ yah, yg penting semangatnya ya! ayo semangat!

    @agung: salahnya gak dateng kumpul bph lama-bph baru.. ada oleh2 kok meskipun cuma dikit πŸ˜›

    @smile: amiin.. ayo smile semangat TAnya!

    @afif: the committee said that they will give the recommendation to tha government. and we, the presenter of the conference made a mailing list and keep contact to share the knowledge and spirit to each other. The most important point, i think is that we get the spirit to not stop thinking bout this country and do something real for better indonesia, in our each fields of competency.

    @ikpoe: insya Allah.. do’ain klas..

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