From mountain to beach, walimah to walimah, and reunions

Finally now i’m at the end of my holiday. I just realized it right now that my holiday is just colourful, and full. My January’s dates in Rainlendar is whole coloured blue, all filled with agenda. Well i’m thankful because it means i have many advantageous things to do, and it makes me not a person who is confused about what to do.

BEM Fasilkom UI 2007/2008

I had my BEM Fasilkom’s half year evaluation (i mean EPT) in Puncak, 7 to 8 January. It refreshed me a lot since the place where we held the EPT had a veeeeeerrry beautiful scenery and also comfortable villa to stay in. At the second day we went to Bandung to have a “studi banding” to STT Telkom’s Informatics major. The people there were so nice.. and then I know Bijak, the head of the student body. I met none of Smansa Bogor’s graduate there. But Cita 2006 entrusted her greeting for me to her friend. Thanks Cita. And Dody who helped me a lot in communicating with Bijak was in Bogor at that time. Oh, did i say i met none of Smansa Bogor’s graduate? I get totally wrong! Because I met one of Smansa’s graduate, and he was A’ Singgih. In Smansa, he went to 3-IPA-7 and me to 1-8. We used the same class, 3-IPA-7 in the morning and 1-8 in the afternoon. And we had a fun habit that time: chatting using book. So we use book to communicate with each other. 3-IPA-7 students can write in the book in the morning and leave it in their desk, and the 1-8 students then can read it in the afternoon and reply it so the 3-IPA-7 student can read and reply it in the next morning. And I ever had some chats with A’ Singgih and other 3-IPA-7 students told me that he is the funniest student in the class, it seems like he was their mascot or something and they usually call him “Yang Mulia.. Jenderal Singgih Yang Terhormat..”. Ouch.. senior high things..

And then I went to the beach for Rihlah FUKI Fasilkom at 28-29 January. Yes, we went to Anyer and stayed in NF Boarding School, in their “saung”. We went to Anyer beach in Monday evening. I love it: the beach, sand, wave, the sea, blue sky and beautifully-shaped white cloud, the wind, coconut palms, and everything. In Tuesday we had an outbond.. and ouch.. it left stiff in my whole body. But the whole journey was fun.. I love it when we pass the industrial area in Cilegon, and the road where we can see the beach along the way.

Anyer Beach

This holiday also filled with walimah invitations. I got 7 walimah invitations in this holiday (Dec to Jan). From Mbak Dania+Kak Amin, Kak Yudi+Mbak Dwina, Yasita+Edy, Mian+husband, A’Njum+T’Yuni, Anto+Erly, K’Rusdi+wife. Although I only attended 5 of them, it still leave a syndrome. You know. But slowly i get recover and back to reality, i realized that the most important thing is how to survive in the next semester with 18 SKS including PPL (Proyek Perangkat Lunak), joining one of Imagine Cup’s competition, (hopefully) joining Mapres competition, being A2I mentor, being teaching assistant for DPBO, and doing my amanah in BEM, FUKI, and all. But once again I’m thankful, because i have the chance to improve myself, and many things to do mean no time to be wasted, hopefully. Give thank to Allah. I know I can go through the next semester successfully. (amiin)

I also had some reunions with my friends from Smansa Bogor. With the Pandawa 16 squad, at the day Pandawa had a “penyisihan” for the LKBB (Lomba Ketangkasan Baris Berbaris) Bogor. FYI, Pandawa is a “pasukan khusus” of Smansa Bogor or you may more familiar with “Paskibraka”. Pandawa won the first place in “penyisihan”. Unfortunately I couldn’t come to the final and then know that Pandawa got the 5th place, juara harapan 2. Well it’s okay, they’re still a champion for me, as always. The second reunion was with OSIS Kemudi. We had an “arisan” at Pepe’s new house in Cimanggu. About 30 persons were coming, and yes.. it was nice to be there, meeting whole great people. And we planned to have a blog. Just wait for it 🙂

OSIS Kemudi 03/04

Other agenda in this holiday were meeting (i mean “rapat” or “syuro”), fulfilling the IRS (which was not okay), tahsin (learning how to read Al-Qur’an, i love this very much, i had a very great teacher), seeing the doctors (some medical check up), and etc.

Fiuh… my holiday is about to be over.. I should use the days left for doing (still) many things. Ooooouuuuuccccchhhh… wish me luck!


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