It’s over, but something left here

Yeah, this is the time i wanted the most since the past 2 weeks. Finally the final exam is over. I’m glad, especially because it was closed nicely with the very lots of assistance from Allah SWT in my last exam, Logic Programming, the one that i feared for until yesterday. Yes, i became afraid to start learning. I even didn’t know where to start. LP has quite difficult materials and it needs high logic capabilities. Many people avoid it but at the beginning of this semester i finally chose it with a hope that i can increase my capability in logic thinking for solving problems. And yes, my LP journey wasn’t always going well. There are many times where i just got stuck and found that this lesson is sooooo difficult to master. But i’m glad because at the D-day i could learn seriously, and i could pass the exam with relief. I hope i can get more than C for the final score. *ngarep benerrr*

I don’t know why i really enjoy the process of learning for UAS LP. Something that i missed in almost of my learning process in this semester. I don’t know why, but i found the lectures seem no longer interesting for me. Maybe i get bored with the all of the academic stuffs. I found it more interesting to be in the ruang bem, preparing an event, or having a chats and interacting with the people. People that not only have the academic-assignments-exams business in their mind. I found it more interesting not to sit in the class where i should pay attention on the lecturer’s speech and work on the assignments that they gave. Oh yes, the life outside the class is more interesting. I can develop myself more, giving more “food” for the right brain, not only “feeding” the left one.

Yes, i didn’t do it well this semester. I admit that something left here: a regret. I didn’t use the time to study seriously so when it came the time for exam, the courses’ materials are waiting in heap to be crammed. We usually say it “sistem kebut subuh”. Well, now i only can pray, i hope that my final score of this semester will not decrease significantly, and i can be better in the next semester. Semangat! 😀


2 thoughts on “It’s over, but something left here

  1. Assalamualaikum, wr, wb..
    Hening it’s Dela…
    I hope you don’t mind to link my blog on yours, cause i link yours too, hehehe

    thanx anyway

    dela – ex smansa (in case you forget bout me)

  2. wa’alaikumsalam..

    oke deh.. udah gw link tuh..

    *jadi minder gw nulis pake bahasa inggris trus lu baca.. koreksiin donk del.. hehehehe*

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