what can we do??

Selma Cook on islamonline.com wrote :

In many situations in today’s world, we find ourselves looking on helplessly as atrocities are committed before our very eyes. Should we send money? Should we donate to organizations that are in the thick of it, trying to make a difference? Sometimes special situations prevent aid organizations and volunteers from reaching the people in need.
The following situations have taken place many times in history:

  • People are thrown out of their homes and their land is usurped.
  • People are forced into a contained area and then attacked from all sides.
  • Killing civilians becomes the norm.
  • Infrastructure is destroyed. There is no access to drinking water, food, electricity, or fuel.
  • People are surrounded by enemy troops who wait to shoot anyone who tries to escape.
  • The international community turns a blind eye.
  • Those who are ready to help are forcibly prevented from helping.
  • People are overwhelmed by misery and wait for either redemption or death.

Such is the situation of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip as well as the Lebanese.
Can you imagine living in such conditions? Can you imagine feeling so helpless? But there is still one thing that everyone can do. It is the most powerful and sure means of attaining help and success. It is also often overlooked as humans try to solve the problems they face in life — it is prayer.
Allah created us with the freedom of choice, and so we live our lives facing the consequences of our choices and the choices of others. Hence, we often face injustice, oppression, and cruelty. But the power to make the necessary changes and provide relief is at our fingertips.
Join us on Wednesday, July 26, 2006 as we hold an international day of prayers for the Palestinians and Lebanese who are suffering in the current Middle East crisis

what can we do??? click here

i made this. tdnya mo ikut postcard contest, tp gw ketuaan=9

ini gambar2 pembantaian anak2 di fallujah, irak pd wkt invasi A* ke sana.

so i just want they know that love is not only a relationship between a man and a woman.

3 thoughts on “what can we do??

  1. Ning, itu postcardnya hening yang bikin ya? Bagus banget..

    Minta yang ukurannya gedean dong.. buat disimpen di komputer..

  2. ning,,
    pskarny keren!!

    ih yahoo tu memihak israel jg yah..
    dy masangny “hezbollah menyerang (apa teh bhs inggrisny gw lupa hehe =9) 14 (klo ga salah) israel trooper” yg jd kesannya hizbullah yg antagonis & israel yg protagonis

    hoh,, ga kebalik mas?!
    goblok apa gimana sih mrk?!

  3. ilman : wa..mo disimpen?? hehe..jadi enak. ntar ya

    cune : iya ne.. media barat pan “dikuasai” atuh sama mrk. Yahoo jg? yay..

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